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Questions and Answers Information page for users

How to begin with hedgecapital.club?

In order to begin working with our firm and be able to get live and/or passive income, each user is obligated to complete the registration process, which will ultimately create your account.

Why is hedgecapital.club different from the others?

Hedgecapital has formed its own business approach. We're not just trading in the cryptocurrency market, and this is done by professional traders with a great deal of experience in the investment market. And the educated distribution of investments concedes the hedgecapital.club to keep the least feasible risks.

How reliable is hedgecapital.club?

The business plan we designed, and our skilled team, has shown an immeasurable result in hedgecapital.club's lifetime. The conclusion is the majority of successfully realized trading transactions.hedgecapital.club has always been linked with reliability for us and our allies.

Who is qualified to become an investor/member?

In view of the legislative part, since hedgecapital.club is officially registered, it's possible for anyone who has reached the age of 18 years or more to obtain a profit from the investment and (or) from the partnership fee.

How safe is it to provide hedgecapital.club with personal information?

According to hedgecapital.club's privacy policy, all personal information provided by hedgecapital.club's user is stored in strict confidentiality under secure protection. All of the user's personal information can be used only to optimize investment interaction with hedgecapital.club and to improve the quality of provided services.

Which payment systems does your service provide?

At this time, we have the following payment systems: Bitcoin and PerfectMoney. You may be able to connect new systems in the future.

What is the minimum and maximum size of the deposit?

The minimum and maximum deposit size is limited by the terms of the investment plan you choose. In terms of actual limitations, the minimum deposit is $15 and the maximum is $100000.

How long-term is the company’s work plan?

Our business plan is designed for the next 7-10 years, but we try to be as flexible as possible in view of the rapidly growing market where we are involved.

Are there any commission charges in the draft?

hedgecapital.club doesn't levy fees from investors for entering and displaying funds within the project boundary. Similarly, there are no levies on income earned in the process of investing or using the partner structure.

Where will interest be accrued from the Partner program?

The income from the partner program will accrue to the payment system of their account balance that the partner made the deposit with.

What do I need to become an investor of hedgecapital.club?

To get started, you only need to register an account and to make a deposit of at least $15.

Can I register more than one personal account?

Yes, you and your family members can use multiple account with same ip's if required.

What type of profit does hedgecapital.club offer?

We offer stable profit every 24 hours, the amount of profit depends on the size of the deposit, ranging from 15% to 30% on an ongoing basis.

I didn't set Bitcoin address while registering an account. Can I do this later?

Sure, no problem. You can add or change your Bitcoin address anytime in your account settings.

I set the wrong email when registering. How can I change it?

Please note that after registration, change of email address or username can not be done by anyone. The only way out is by sending mail to our support staff and they will ask your personal details for verifying your account and this may take upto 24 hours.

Where can I buy BitCoin?

You can find cryptocurrency sellers here: https://howtobuybitcoins.info

How can I make a deposit?

Log into your account and click the button “Make deposit”. In the window that opens, enter the deposit amount, which is equal to or larger than $15. After entering amount, select the desired plan. Then enter the amount and select payment processor which want to use. After click the button “Spend” at the bottom of the page to get a unique address (For Bitcoin) where you will have to send the same deposit amount as shown in window. Please note that you have to make a payment from your cryptocurrency wallet. For deposit using Perfect Money and Payeer you will be redirected to your respected wallet.

How many deposits can I have simultaneously?

You may have several deposits simultaneously. Each of your deposits will have its own terms. This means two of your deposits will generate profits twice a hour.

How fast is the deposit credited?

Once you have sent the payment, you’ll need to wait for a little while. All Bitcoin payments require from 1 network confirmation for the full processing. Usually it takes up to 30 minutes, after which the deposit will be credited and visible in the “Deposits list” section.

When will I see my first profit?

Your first profit will be accrued after every 24 hours after your deposit has been added.

How often is the profit accrued?

Your profit is accrued every 24 hours from the moment of deposit creation. If you have two or more deposits, the profit will be accrued several times per day.

Are there accruals on weekends?

Yes, profits are also paid on Saturdays and Sundays.

When can I withdraw profits?

For all cryptocurrencies withdrawals, read below FAQ and for other payment method follow the below steps:
Once your balance is equal to or more than $3, you can make a request for withdrawal of profits in the “Withdraw funds” section. Before you make a claim, make sure that your Bitcoin address in the account settings is correct. Your request for profit withdrawal will be processed instantly. The data of this operation are available in the section “Withdrawals history”; you can check out a unique transaction number (batch number) for bitcoin via the search bar on the website www.blockchain.info, for Ethereum via the search bar on the website https://etherscan.io/

What is the minimum withdrawal amount for cryptocurrencies?

For Bitcoin equivalent of $3.

Is there any fee for regular withdrawals?

We have no fees. You will receive the exact amount which you have requested.

Can I make a deposit (send BTC) from one address but withdraw profits to another BTC address?

Yes, just don't forget to set this address in your account settings before you make withdrawal request.

Do you offer a reinvestment of profits?

Yes, compounding function is available. Please note that you can only reinvest once your balance is $15 or more.

What if i want to make deposit using perfect money and want to withdraw using bitcoin or any other payment gateway?

Sorry but its not possible, you can withdraw your profit in same payment gateway in which you have made your deposit.

How to earn more with hedgecapital.club?

Use partnership section - a unique link and banners. Your referrals are guaranteed to bring you additional 5% - 2% - 1% of the amount of their deposits.

Do I need to have an active deposit to earn referral commissions?

No, your own deposit is not required to take part and earn affiliate commission.

Is it possible to increase my partnership commission?

In order to increase the commission upto 10%, you can get the status of the official representative of hedgecapital.club in your country.

How to become a representative?

Any members can become representative regardless of country. To do this you just need to have 3 active referrals and send the details like Name, Languages, Phone Number, Telegram, Facebook and other social media sites that you use regularly to our Email or Live support.

Do I need to worry about my investments?

No, as experience shows, the company’s financial activity is risk-free, we can easily override any trading losses due to the Bitcoin mining process.

What do I do if I forget my password from my account?

In this case, You can recover your account by using the "Forget your Password" section, which is located on the sign-in page. Follow the instructions and your account will be repaired without any problems.

Can I modify or adjust payment system data?

Yes, you can always change or adjust personal information about your payment systems that were specified when you created your personal account.

What if I couldn't find the information I was interested in?

In this case, You can contact our technical support via telegram or mail us at: admin@sitename.biz. We are always happy to help you with any technical questions or issues related to the investment process.

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Privacy Policy

Every private data which you furnish the company are stored in conditions of strict confidentiality and are shielded by the Law on the protection of personal data. All your intimate data can be practiced by the company only for the optimization of investment interaction between Hedgecapital and investor, and also for the promotion of quality of the provided services.

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